About Theoretical physics department

Theoretical Physics Department offers teaching of general courses in theoretical physics, in particular:

  • Programming and mathematical modeling
  • Vector and tensor analysis
  • Differential and integral analysis
  • The theory of complex functions
  • Methods of mathematical physics

In addition, academic staff of the department teaches a number of special courses. Several courses are tought by well-known theoretical physicists, members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The main research topics of the department are:

  • Phase transitions, scattering and absorption of light in a heterogeneous liquid crystals
  • Nonlinear phenomena and self-organization phenomena in liquid crystals
  • Electromagnetic wave propagation in bounded media and liquid crystals
  • Interaction of charged particles in crystals
  • Physics and the theory of the functioning of proteins
  • Common problems in soliton structures

The department is headed by Dr. Prof. Viktor Reshetnyak.

The programs of education at the Department of Theoretical Physics are:

  • Bachelor of Physics (4 years of study)
  • Master of Physics (2 years of study)
  • PhD program (3 years of study)

All students of the department actively participate in a research work under a supervision of the research and academic staff of the department and the institutions of NAS of Ukraine, in particular, Institute of Physics, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Institute for Nuclear Research, Institute of Metals.

Bachelor's and master's students' work is original research and its results are published in scientific journals. Graduates of the department have a pleasure to work in scientific institutions and enterprises of Ukraine and abroad.

The knowledge and practical skills allow graduates of the department to work successfully and in adjacent areas of physics, biology, chemistry and other sciences.