Shmeleva Lyudmila Volodymyrivna

Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
Senior research fellow of Theoretical physics department
  • E-mail: LShmelatuniv [.] kiev [.] ua
Recent research interests: 
  •  Interaction of powerful impulses of energy with the surfaces of materials and problem of border between destroying and non-destroying its treatment.
Selected scientific publications: 
  1. A.D.Suprun, L.V.Shmeleva, M.A.Razumova. The influence of bulk absorption of substance on the threshold of destruction by the intensive pulse of electromagnetic radiation. Functional materials, 18, №.2, 237- 243, 2011.
  2. L.V. Shmeleva, A.D. Suprun. Theoretical model of temperature dynamics of solid surface of material under action of laser radiation. Semicondactor physics quantum electronics & optoelectronics. , 11, №1, 90-95, 2008.
  3.   L.V. Shmeleva, S.M.Yezhov,  A.D. Suprun. Dynamics of the corrosion crater formation on the surface of a solid substance by power pulse irradiation. Ukr. J. Phys., №1, 52, 46–52, 2007
  4. L.V. Shmeleva, S.M.Yezhov, A.D. Suprun. Nonlinear dynamics of pressure near a surface of substance during laser impulse activity Ukr. J. Phys., 52, №3, 276 – 280, 2007.
  5. L.V. Shmeleva, S.M.Yezhov, A.D. Suprun, S.Ya. Shevchenko. Theory of plasma dynamics for the case of solid matter surface destruction by pulse of power irradiation. Ukr. J. Phys., 51, №8, 788 – 7940, 2006.
  6.   Suprun A.D., Shmeleva L.V. Exact account for the absorption non-linearity in problems of surface laser treatment. Functional Materials. 4, №2, 285-290,2000.